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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” -Maya Angelou

Time is too precious to just let life happen. Just as you plan an event you can design the life you want, one that recharges you with every action you take. 

Lab 1: Design your Life, This is you

In this two-hour workshop (or lab) you will chart your life to develop a foundation for personal development. In a team effort we will identify trends, label ‘eras’ and work to describe what characterizes the things that get you jazzed. Note, this is a foundational workshop—planning happens best when you can own your story inside and out.
Skills that transfer:

  • Era analysis
  • Story telling techniques
  • Experience mapping
  • Product development

We recommend Lab 1 as a prerequisite to all following 4 labs.

Design Your Life Series
The Design Your Life hands-on design thinking workshops are aimed at transforming participant’s lives through purposeful decision making. Participants will spend their evenings tackling their future, using the latest methods for design thinking and doing, future foresight, and strategy. This 5-workshop series supports a whole-life plan by leveraging design thinking methods to articulate the who, what and why across the personal, professional and social life. At the conclusion, participants will emerge with a handful of master plans to realize the person they want to be with skills that they can apply on the job.

Duration: 2 hours

1. Design your Life: This is you
2. Design your Life: Your Future Self
3. Design your Life: Successful Career
4. Design your Life: Social Life + Community Involvement
5. Design your Life: Relationships

Disclaimer: These workshops are not a substitute for psychotherapy or other mental health care.