I founded Pixel Story Studio in sunny San Diego in 2015. In Germany, I had studied psychology and obtained a stipend to "build a bridge between the US and German psychology practice" by going for a master's degree in family therapy. 

In the US, I was fortunate to dive head first into the new work era of digital natives in startups and technology-oriented businesses. These context are an ideal fit for my creative take on putting people first and giving back my empowering insight and interventions.

As a human-centered and design-minded coach, I now create in-depth systemic interventions in work and organizational settings. As a German bicultural professional, I approach issues of diversity sensitively, and am in a wonderful flow of making things happen (see recent interviews). And lastly, as a relentless optimist, I strive to empower people, their companies and product & services so we can all plough through to the next level.

"Julika embodies a rare powerful juxtaposition of boldness and vulnerability, of spontaneity and organization, of wisdom of an old soul and creativity of a young fearless heart."

- Nam Rindani


Current Projects - NOW

Professional Coaching with Design, Narrative and Solution-Focused Elements

TU Delft Diversity & Inclusion Team - Team Member and Design Research - TU Delft, Netherlands

Design Your Life workshop series in Northern Europe - Design Your Career, Design Your Life for More Happiness, Face Your Dreams

Design Thinking X Systemic Psychology Workbook - publishing end of 2018

Work Experience

Pixel Story Studio LLC | Mar 2015 to present

  • Design Research & Thinking on Knowledge Sharing & Team Culture at UNStudio

  • Content Sourcing & Creation of urban challenges in Amsterdam for AMS Institute

  • Community liaising between lab & designers, research, and video documentaries made for UC San Diego Design Lab

  • Service Design Project in clinic-based health care

  • Design strategy and research education with Hopscotch Labs

  • Behind the Scenes visit at creative agency Optimist Inc., Los Angeles

Udemy, San Francisco, CA | Apr 2017 to August 2017
Business Development for DACH market & Content Acquisition

Playpower Labs, San Diego, PA | Aug 2014 to present
Structured interviews with parents about tablet use in the home and business development

Coveymom LLC, Pittsburgh, PA | Sept to Dec 2014
Structured interviews with early adopters using structured interviews, focused groups and paper prototypes

Duolingo LLC, Pittsburgh, PA | Nov 2011 to May 2014
German Language Specialist and Head of Company Culture
Content development for the German language experience, management of German data content, and continuous improvement based on online community feedback

Family Links, Pittsburgh, PA | Dec 2009 to May 2011
Mobile therapist in families. Structural and experiential systemic approach.
Co-therapist in addiction treatment group in outpatient setting. 

Athenaeum – Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA | Jan – Jul 2008
Internship with research focus on artist’s books; art education outreach to local elementary schools

Max-Planck Institute for Cognitive Brain Science, Leipzig, Germany | May – Oct 2007, Nov 2003 – Feb 2005
EEG research assistant of Dr. T. Gunter focusing on gestures and imitation

My Education

Graphic Design Coursework at San Diego Community College | 2017 to present

M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy | 2008 - 2011
Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA 

M.A. in Psychology | 2002 - 2007
University of Leipzig, Germany

Research assistant of Dr. S. Coulson in the Cognitive Science Department | Aug 2005 – Mar 2006
University of California, San Diego

My Teaching

Design Your Career Workshop at Weserwork Co-Working im Hafen | July & August 2017

Design Your Life Workshop Series in team work with Hopscotch Labs | Oct - Sept 2016

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instruction | Pittsburgh 2009 - 2013

Internships & Volunteer Work

UX Speakeasy Events Committee Co-Chair | Spring 2017
Event concept, and moderation

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific South West | Dec 2016 to May 2017
Marketing Volunteer

Klinikum Bremen-Ost, Bremen, Germany | Jul – Aug 2008
Clinical-psychological internship on three wards of the mental hospital; included childhood diagnostics

Charite - Clinic for Psychiatry, Neurology & Psychotherapy, Berlin Germany | Aug – Sept 2006
Clinical-psychological internship including psychological assessment and leading relaxation groups

Westphalian Centre for Forensic Psychiatry, Lippstadt, Germany | May – Jul 2006
Forensic-psychological internship in prison. Extensive assessment, observation and art therapy

Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany | Feb – Mar 2005
Research internship in the Center for Lifelong Learning. Experiments on pro-social intergenerational behavior

Club for Women, Family and Youth, Leipzig, Germany | Dec 04 - Jul 2005
Volunteer and social work care for adolescents who were released from prison

Institute of Psychology, Leipzig, Germany | Apr – Jul 2003
EEG research assistant of Dr. E. Schröger

Et Cetera: Conferences, Workshops, Trainings

Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jul 2017: 1-week of j3 Basics of Data Visualisation

Digital Nomads Conference, Berlin, Germany
May 2017: 1-day of community liaising

Design Thinking Workshop, Berlin, Germany
May 2017: 8-hr workshop with Dark Horse (HPI graduate team)

World Information Architecture Day, San Diego, CA
Jan 2016: 1-day of lectures

Level 1 Gottman Training: Bridging the Couple Chasm, San Francisco, CA
Oct 2015: 2-day training with Dr. John & Julie Gottman

Prana Yoga Teacher Training, La Jolla, CA
Feb – May 2009: Anusara & Vinyasa yoga. 200-hr for certification by the Yoga Alliance

Emotion-focused Therapy Externship, San Diego, CA
Jan 2009: 30-hr externship with Dr. Sue Johnson & Dr. Scott Woolley

Yoga for Relationships, Prana Yoga Center, La Jolla, CA
Nov 2008: 2-day workshop with E-RYT R. Birnberg

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Techniques for Mental Health, San Diego, CA
Nov 2008: 8-hr workshop with David S. Shannahoff-Khalsa

Institute for Violence, Abuse, and Trauma, San Diego, CA
Sep 2008: volunteer work & participation at 13th conference

AHAB Academy, Berlin, Germany
Sep 2006: Certified as stress management trainer for children

Clinic for Psychotherapy & Psychosomatic Medicine, Leipzig, Germany
Apr 2005 – Jun 05: Workshop on “Methods of System Theory”

Interdisciplinary Forensic Forum, Bremen, Germany
Nov 2006: 3rd conference “Power-Sexuality-Violence”

Institute for Partner and Sexual Therapy, Würzburg, Germany
Oct 2006: 8th Conference

Interdisciplinary Forensic Forum, Bremen, Germany
Feb 2005: 1st conference ”Power-Fantasy-Violence“


Laszloffy, T., & Habekost, Julika. (2010). Using Experiential Tasks to Enhance Cultural Sensitivity Among MFT Trainees. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 36(3): 333-46

research & editing for:

Athenaeum, 2010. Artists' Book Collection - Athenaeum Music & Arts Library - Ed Ruscha.

Athenaeum, 2011. Artists' Book Collection - Athenaeum Music & Arts Library - Ida Applebroog.

Athenaeum, 2013. Artists' Book Collection - Athenaeum Music & Arts Library - John Baldessari.