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Design the life that you want. 

Lab 2: Your Future Self

Is the market you're working in stagnating or in transition? Gain confidence in your choices by using alternative futures to develop your next steps and plan for an unknown future.
In this two-hour workshop (or lab) you will develop a roadmap to your future self.
Hopscotch Labs will introduce design thinking and future forecasting methods to help you take control of your future. As a group we'll come up with alternate futures—both the Utopian and Distopian worlds we often see in the movies—and place ourselves within those futures. We will use Narrative Therapy and Body Storming methods to give us a sense of our potential futures. As we work, we will uncover challenges, needed skillsets, and a future more resilliant self. You will leave this workshop with key milestones, and decisions that you need to pay attention to—your very own master plan.
What you'll learn:

  • Brainstorming
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Future Forecasting
  • Competing Narratives
  • Ideal Experience Narratives
  • Body Storming

This is the second lab in a 5-part series. Did you miss the first workshop? You can still attend. We will reach out to you with some simple tasks that will enable you to participate fully.

Design Your Life Series
The Design Your Life hands-on design thinking workshops are aimed at transforming participant’s lives through purposeful decision making. Participants will spend their evenings tackling their future, using the latest methods for design thinking and doing, future foresight, and strategy. This 5-workshop series supports a whole-life plan by leveraging design thinking methods to articulate the who, what and why across the personal, professional and social life. At the conclusion, participants will emerge with a handful of master plans to realize the person they want to be with skills that they can apply on the job.
Duration: 2 hours

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