San Diego Startup Week 2016:

The Hopscotch Labs team led a multi-discipline group in exercises designed to elicit empathy and curiosity about specific user groups.

When was the last time you got a call while leaving the house, or parking the car? Did you have children with you? A couple of toys, a bag, a stroller? Were the kids screaming at each other? Refusing to put on their shoes? Did you also have low blood sugar and have to use the bathroom? 

Your product doesn't exist in a vacuum. It gets used in the context of everyday life. Learn how to use context to derive product ideas or features and functions. 

Start from a place of real user need to ...
align your product team,
prioritize development decisions,
make your product sticky, and
find market success.
This human-centered lab will focus on field research techniques to understand urban experiences from a female and family perspective. We'll start from a hypothesis; head out into the wilds of downtown San Diego to practice field research methods; before coming back to brainstorm solutions for these specific target audiences. 

What is a woman's experience in the urban jungle?
How does one child or multiple children affect a simple trip to the mall? 
How does the environment support or hinder desired or necessary activities?

You'll need:
a smart phone or camera to capture pictures
a notebook and pen
sunscreen, sunglasses and layers