• Seaport Village 2nd floor (map)
  • 839 W Harbor Dr,
  • San Diego, CA 92101

Design based on real customer needs and motivations.

In this intensive, 1-day workshop you will learn from Hopscotch Labs' experts—experts versed in helping companies leverage human experiences to build better products and services for over 15 years. 
We will use human-centered research to diagnose the unique problems faced by your clients' customers. You will get hands on experience developing customer insights that lead directly to design development. Ending the day with conceptualized solutions that directly solve the problem you identified.
Afterwards, you’ll have the ability to guide the creation of products and services that your customers will love. Most of all you’ll have new skills to lead your organization.

RSVP: http://bitly.com/June11-lab
Cost: $180 (first 5 people $150)

Breakfast will be served.