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Growing and changing as a family comes with its own challenges. Each family member has unique physical, psychological and social needs. One parent may be a night owl while the other is an early bird. One child needs quiet while the other thrives on social stimulation. All need a certain level of processing busy days and positive reflection. In the end, each day only affords us with 24 hours of time - a fixed factor and good constraint to massage. Our hopes to sync as a family do face the harsh reality of ragged rhythms.

The systemic design thinking approach offers a unique angle on setting up family life for more well-being. It is a playful and curious method to view family growth and changes as a possible joint activity.

Pixel Story Studio stands for sustained experience with working with families to improve mental health, mindful well-being and #GSD (getting shit done). In this small-sized workshop, the focus will be on narrative therapy techniques and role play.

  • The narrative therapy approach uses storytelling to attain desired outcomes. How can a parent speak differently about daily challenges so that he or she feels in control and inspired to make necessary changes? This approach also uses letter-writing and awarding of prizes as a tool to empower a person. Imagine each day in a family ending with a round out gratitude for one another?

  • Being in a group allows for a unique type of learning: social learning and imitation. Each participant is a resource for the other group members. We will prepare short role plays of selected challenges to experience another member’s point of view and then collect feedback on the role play for learning. After that, each participant will plan concrete changes to try out at home..

  • Throughout the workshop, key markers of design thinking - curiosity, empathy, experimentation, process-orientation, radical collaboration - are interwoven. The workshop is learning about the design thinking approach by doing it yourself.

To sign up, email: info@pixelstorystudio.com with subject line “Design Your Life for Family Busy-ness”. Tickets are €60 excl. VAT, incl. refreshments, non-refundable and paid digitally.

Pixel Story Studio developed the systemic “Design Your Life” workshop series in 2014 in San Diego. It combines systemic therapy with design thinking and was inspired by Stanford’s Bill Burnett & Dave Evans approach