• Spring House (map)
  • 128 De Ruijterkade
  • Amsterdam, NH, 1011 AC
  • Netherlands

Standing in good health can be understood as smooth functioning in areas such as physical and mental health, maybe also emotional and relational health. Smooth also meaning that everyone will face certain conditions and bounce back differently - depending on resilience and other factors.

In this small-sized kick-off workshop, we will utilize systemic therapy combined with design thinking and doing to grasp the concept of “health” better. This means that we will look beyond the individual and include the role of family and context. We will borrow from the toolkit of open-minded creatives for playful problem solving. Without much lecturing, the focus is on embodied experimentation and the goal is to create a few actionable outcomes. Sound intriguing, right?

  • The rope method is a wonderful tool for externalizing your path from past to present with enough give to your future destination in terms of health.

  • Scenario planning and sketching is great for visualizing the most likely, dominant expected future, yet also other possible journeys.

  • And design thinking’s key markers - curiosity, empathy, experimentation, process-orientation, radical collaboration - will be interwoven into the workshop experience.

To sign up, email: info@pixelstorystudio.com with subject line “Design Your Life for Health”. Tickets are €50 excl. VAT, incl. refreshments, non-refundable and paid digitally.

Pixel Story Studio developed the systemic “Design Your Life” workshop series in 2014 in San Diego. It combines systemic therapy with design thinking and was inspired by Stanford’s Bill Burnett & Dave Evans approach