• Pixel Story Studio (map)
  • Scheldestraat
  • Amsterdam, NH
  • Netherlands

Pixel Story Studio is all about fusing design methods with systemic positive psychology to make us stronger.

In this workshop for the young and the old, we will craft an oversized chart out of wood, nails, and some hit and miss hammering. Then we will add paint, labeling and stretchy ropes and we are all set to discuss our journey mapping canvas.

  • How do our days unfold?
  • What can I learn from data?

While crafting the maps, we will talk and ask and listen. The focus is just as much on the artifact - the map - as it is on learning how to build awareness for the highs and lows in our days, correlations with events, and our power to steer the course. There is room to navigate your days more mindfully.

  • What does my day consist of?
  • What gives me energy and engages me?
  • What drains me and makes me feel unhappy?

Join us for an experimental journey mapping event!

For ages 6+ and all the way up. Parents are welcome, too. Seats are limited and available at 40 Euro per person, including materials & refreshments. Instruction in English yet Dutchies welcome as we all will help out. Email info@pixelstorystudio.com to save your spot.