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  • Scheldestraat
  • Amsterdam, NH
  • Netherlands

Pixel Story Studio is all about fusing design methods with systemic positive psychology to make us stronger.

In this first workshop for children, we will craft full- or half-face gipsum masks and help one another taking this very personal picture. Already, children will build trust with one another during this step.

While crafting the masks, we will talk and ask and listen. The focus is just as much on the artefact - the mask - as it is on learning a new skill as well as about ourselves.

  • What does it feel like to be me?
  • Wat do others not see?
  • What might it feel like to be the other?

Join us for an experimental empathy building event!

For ages 5+ and up. Parents are welcome to phase in & out. Seats are limited and available at 25 Euro per child. Instruction in English. Email info@pixelstorystudio.com to save your spot.