Pixel Story Studio helps individuals and small groups in and beyond companies to identify their resources, sharpen their processes and to design solutions. 

By combining over a decade of know-how in psychology, systemic therapy with design thinking methods, Pixel Story Studio puts a new spin on each approach. Click here for a blog post about that fusion.

While you, the person, are at the center of it all, Pixel Story Studio aims for social impact. The focus are your untapped resources and next opportunities to make a positive difference for you personally, in your system and ultimately for society at large.


Let’s be honest - all professions have a blind spot. In my opinion, systemic therapy needed a rehaul, or redesign, and more cultural openness. I had left Germany to build a bridge with US American psychological practices - and still am on this voyage.

Similarly, design thinking for businesses and for organizations needed a large dose of the touchy feely intervention. Systemic therapy is backed by science and suits itself so well to take both C-level and entry-level team players alike to other places. I aim to add emotion and empathy to the work place. I look at family and other relationships. I understand dual roles and power struggles.


My approach includes more than the sum of my education and experiences.

At the core are experience-focused intervention that are based on objective and subjective observations. Objectivity is at the base of all research. Subjectivity is a power tool of therapy - what resonates between two people? Experience-focused interventions in systemic therapy include for instance “Emotionally Focused Therapy” after Sue Johnson. Feelings are the motor of a lot of change.

The design thinking and doing approach often follows the metaphorical diamond - a journey of diverging exploration and then converging condensation - and repeat. The double diamond is just one way of phasing design work and - in theory - can be repeated over and over.

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