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  • Utrecht
  • Netherlands

Workshop: A focus on challenges with and solutions for finding more happiness in life. This workshop is made for motivated, creative and curious starters during this era of "new work".

  • Do you have a compass to follow your true North? 
  • How do you manage digital distractions, unhealthy habits, and the wealth of information?
  • Do you end your day and week still feeling calm, content, and optimistic?

By using systemic therapy and design thinking methods, you will learn how to be aware of where you are at, design healthy habits for happiness, and step out with actionable solutions.

The starters for community program boosts ambitious starter in the labor market aged 22 to 35 years. Mid-November, the S4C alumni network of 500+ starters is gathering to celebrate progress and community.

Pixel Story Studio was invited to bring the millennials actionable and inspiring tools to design more happiness into their life. Easier said than done, I mean, easier done if you apply systemic therapy tools and a design thinking mindset.

While this is a closed event, the workshop can come to you, too. Curious? Contact me at info@pixelstorystudio.com