Services: Research, Workshops & Coaching

Design Research

  • Identify starting points to drive transformative change through joining your team temporarily for a one- or multi-step project

  • Research (including methods such as observation, focused workshops and interviews) to gather insight that improves services, systems and strategies

  • Offering a unique blend of real-world experience and theory collected during work and study in three countries

  • A sustained passion for challenging individual and systemic norms

  • Ability to work closely with senior, junior and other diverse clients

  • Leading projects and championing approaches

  • Always keeping need of users, customers, employees and society in mind and balancing for it

  • Proposal of fresh ideas, concepts, and starting points that take hold ("stick"), and scale

Systemic Design Coaching

  • An innovative, and proven combination of Systemic Therapy and Design Thinking (and Doing) in the form of Coaching and Organizational Interventions

  • Primarily for individuals, also for couples and small ( < 6 people) groups


  • Master's degree Psychology

  • Master's degree Marriage & Family Therapy

  • Over 750 hours of direct client contact hours and various continuing education incl. yoga training, Gottman's Couple Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy after Dr. Sue Johnson

You will receive

  • A personalized coaching program including agreement and roadmap, ongoing support in between, and final evaluation

  • Recommended practices and exercises

  • Bi-monthly hour-long coaching session in person or remotely via video chat

Design Therapy Coaching Timeline

  • First Encounter

  • Roadmap and Right on

  • Ongoing Support

  • Pause and Solo Time to Test

  • Final Evaluation

  • Check in

Minimum of 6 Sessions. Limited availability for slots. Hourly Rate for individuals, couples and corporate clients differ and upon request.


In less than three hours Avi and Julika got us to experience a full speed and deep-dive workshop on facing our dreams. The small group setting enabled us to quickly bound and share experiences. I’ve learned to embrace my fears and set small milestones to achieve my goals.
— Coachee, Spring 2018
I met Julika in the midst of a difficult and life changing decision. She is a great listener and filtered my words in a way that it became more clear what aspects of the decision were important to me. She also provided me with handy decisions-making “tools” that will guide me to where I want to be in the more distant future.
— Coachee, September 2017
Julika’s input helped me to identify long term goals and break them down into actionable pieces. I loved the way she created a supportive environment for all the participants, even at times when we may have felt vulnerable about sharing struggles with achieving life and career goals. She was calm and supportive while she guided us to think about our career journey in new ways.
— Alegra Loewenstein, Health Coach,
I had never before taken a course like the “Design Your Life” series, but I am so pleased that I did! Julika and Kris crafted a very well designed experience in which I was thoroughly captured and came away from the sessions with a great deal of knowledge, useful skills and strategies for attaining goals within the various facets of my life. Julika’s strength as an instructor and facilitator is clearly rooted in her psychology background as well as her innate talent as a designer with the keen ability to empathize with her audience.
— Laura More, Certified Commercial Real Estate Appraiser