Design Research

  • Identify starting points to drive transformative change through joining your team temporarily for a one- or multi-step project
  • Research (including methods such as observation, focused workshops and interviews) to gather insight that improves services, systems and strategies
  • Offering a unique blend of real-world experience and theory collected during work and study in three countries
  • A sustained passion for challenging individual and systemic norms
  • Ability to work closely with senior, junior and other diverse clients
  • Leading projects and championing approaches
  • Always keeping need of users, customers, employees and society in mind and balancing for it
  • Proposal of fresh ideas, concepts, and starting points that take hold ("stick"), and scale

Systemic Design Coaching

  • An innovative, and proven combination of Systemic Therapy and Design Thinking (and Doing) in the form of Coaching and Organizational Interventions
  • Primarily for individuals, also for couples and small ( < 6 people) groups


  • Master's degree Psychology
  • Master's degree Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Over 750 hours of direct client contact hours and various continuing education incl. yoga training, Gottman's Couple Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy after Dr. Sue Johnson

You will receive:

  • A personalized coaching program including agreement and roadmap, ongoing support in between, and final evaluation
  • Recommended practices and exercises
  • Bi-monthly hour-long coaching session in person or remotely via video chat

Coaching Timeline:

  • First Encounter
  • Roadmap and Right on
  • Ongoing Support 
  • Pause and Solo Time to Test
  • Final Evaluation
  • Check in

Minimum of 4 Sessions. Limited availability for slots. Hourly Rate for individuals, couples and corporate clients differ and upon request.