Growing and changing as a family unit comes with its challenges. How can we design our family system as an experience to optimize for win-win outcomes, smooth transitions, loyalty to tour raison d’etre?WHY did we sign up for this in the beginning?

In this small-sized workshop, we will utilize systemic therapy combined with design thinking and doing to first capture the variety of family forms. The focus is on embodied experimentation and the goal is to create actionable outcomes. Intriguing, right?

  • The play method with figures lends itself beautifully to illustrate and manipulate the family chaos.

  • Being in a group allows for learning from the group such as in mere listening or role play to experience a child’s point of view or a new approach. .

  • And design thinking’s key markers - curiosity, empathy, experimentation, process-orientation, radical collaboration - as interwoven in the workshop experience will characterize the vibe.

To sign up, email: with subject line “Design Your Life for Family Busy-ness”. Tickets are €50 excl. VAT, incl. refreshments, non-refundable and paid digitally.

Pixel Story Studio developed the systemic “Design Your Life” workshop series in 2014 in San Diego. It combines systemic therapy with design thinking and was inspired by Stanford’s Bill Burnett & Dave Evans approach